2010 Gallery
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Glass & electoformed copper acorn w/ etched copper oak leaf
The PreTeen's idea of size comparison! I love it!
Side 1 of the bead I sent to Jennifer Judd for the Bead Soup Party.
A gathering of Plume beads...
Side 2 of the Bead Soup bead & the rest of the "soup" for the party. All items are handmade except for the viking knit caps. Jen made an absolutely beautiful piece out of it all. Very fun.
My first (& only so far) "Marble w/ a hole in it"... I loved this piece. Was just experimenting w/ some color & metals. Love what Aether clear from Double Helix did to my fine silver wire dots!
Some beautiful beads soaking in water. Water shots are really cool!
A gathering of deep red acorns.
A bouquet of fresh acorns, still on their mandrels.
Some interesting experimentl beads.
Acorn dish @ a show.
Acorn in ivory & encased silver glass & copper electroformed top.
Psyche & Dark Ivory acorns w/ fine silver dots.
Dark ivory acorns (standard & miniature) w/ a wrap of fine silver wire melted into dots.
Dark Ivory acorn w/ SIS stringer curls...
Acorn in ivory & encased silver glass & copper electroformed top.
Acorn in ivory, sis stringer scrollwork & encased silver glass & copper electroformed top.
A few of my favorite glass acorn designs. These were snatched up w/in an hour or so of being listed on Etsy!!
My very first encased floral acorn. I
Acorn in orange & encased silver glass w/ feathered multicolor glass & copper electroformed top.
A wonderful batch of acorns & a few etched copper oak leaves.
This is the butterfly bead that I made for Beads of Courage last weekend. I LOVE IT!! Hard to give away. It's using Andrea's powders & then encased. Hey look, Andrea, I encased!!! :o) Will definitely make more. The butterfly is copper fabric/mesh. Very cool stuff. THANK YOU Julia, for the picture!
My @ home attempt to duplicate the Beads of Courage butterfly bead... a little heavy handed on the powdered color & also the vines on the surface. I like it, though!
A fresh batch of etched copper oak leaves, washers & fine silver rings. Some leaf patterns are stamped & some are hand drawn, like the one top center.
Large silver lined donut bead.
The sweetest pair of earrings I've ever made. Vintaj natural brass, sterling caps & Double Helix silver glass. Handmade ear wire.
Tuscan Vineyard plume lentil bead pendant.
Tuscan Vineyard plume crunch bead.
Tuscan Vineyard plume crunch bead.
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