2020 Gallery
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Seam ripper necklace
Sterling, Corvette Fordite & Garnet pendant.
Sterling & etched copper pendant... in my handwriting..... BREATHE, for a loving friend dealing w/ cancer.
Sterling, Corvette Fordite & Garnet pendant
Handmade Julie glass cabochon & sterling pendant.
Sterling & Crazy Lace Agate heart pendant... such a special piece, I had to keep it for myself.
Sterling & Ruby in Zoisite ring, made for my best friend's birthday! She loved it!
Lunar Bloom - sterling & Laguna Lace Agate moon pendant
Sterling, Kingman Turquoise & naturally shed water buffalo horn Longhorn pendant w/ graduated beaded turquoise necklace.
I was asked by a friend to make her a simple memorial pendant of her dog... she did a quick outline for me & this is what I came up with. She loved it!
Vintage (10+ years) Julie Nordine glass cabochons & sterling pendant... I absolutely loved how this piece turned out!
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A year spent in hibernation (thanks Covid!)... cancelled shows, etc. 
Mostly spent time creating in my Silver Studio, really enjoyed improving my skills.