2018 Gallery 
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Big hole beads
Baby bird on a birdhouse pendant
Making bird & copper necklaces
Gluing up a bird necklace
Bead booty, soaking in water
Earring pairs
Glass & leather bracelets
Tree bead on an antique skeleton key
"Tooled leather" beads I made after learning the technique from Amy Kuczewski.
mini kaleidoscope
mini kaleidoscope
The coolest bottle openers!
Booty of bottle opener & seam ripper beads.
Casual wedding gift... my honey's homebrew w/ one of my cool bottle openers.
Functional pieces
Sweet magnifying glass necklaces
Glass & stainless tray & spreader gift set
Interchangeable crochet hook set w/ handmade glass handle
Trinket boxes
Cloisonne moonflower piece I made in a class taught by Camille Knutson. Fun!!
Turquoise ring, Jeri's cabachon... first piece made in silversmithing class! (@ Veberod, w/ Tai Salsbury)
2nd ring made... this one @ Bead & Button w/ Francesca Watson. Jeri's turquoise cabachon
My w/ my talented nephew, Justin Nordine... tattoo & fine artist. The Raw Canvas, Grand Junction, Colorado.
Getting awesome tattoo by my talented nephew, Justin Nordine... The Raw Canvas, Grand Junction, Colorado - April 9th, 2018
I'm in love w/ it. My late sister, Jeri, wrote out "I am strong enough for this" for me & Justin worked it into the tattoo. 5 acorns represent the siblings w/ Jeri's sitting on my shoulder... & oak leaves, representing strength. ♥
First section of tree skirt quilt done!
Completed tree skirt quilt (top)
Cake I made for my Mom's 80th birthday celebration!